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Chapter V: Spins of Omission

Young Azusa had no problems to return to her room in Pink Heart castle, since all the so-called "guards" did nothing but greet her with their usual dumb smile.

The problems arrived when she lied on her bed and closed her eyes. Her sleep was terrible, as the weight of an entire world seemed to lie on her little shoulders.

She was awakened by the door knocking. "Miss Kitty Kitty ?" Mio's voice could be heard on the other side

"Yes ?" She asked.

"It seems you overslept, sleepyhead !!" Mio chuckled "You have to get ready soon, or you'll going to miss it !!"

She looked at the pig-shaped clock, and she realized that it was 10:00 am already.

"I-I'm sorry !! I'll be ready soon !!" she said apologizing.

She dressed quickly, and when she got outside her room a guard escorted her to a dining room where Mio was waiting her for a delicious breakfast.

"Enjoy your meal, Kitty. There's still time." Mio said with a lovely, somehow motherly smile as she ate her own cake.

When they were ready they headed for Hugging Square aboard a pink chariot. Along the way, all the people started to gather in many different squares. In each square there was a giant screen: Azusa realized that something was about to be broadcast simultaneously... everywhere.

It was about 11:00 am on that Monday, and like every other Monday for the last years everything was ready for the most popular show of human's story. Time ago, Monday was considered by many the worst day of the week, but that was when school and work were considered boring things.

In this new age, Monday was the beginning of another week of love and happiness to share and the show that was about to begin made this day even more exciting.

When the childish opening title began, the crowd exulted. When the adorable Moempress appeared with her pink outfit and her lovely smile, it was a delirium of screams of love and appreciation.

"Hiiiii !!" The Moempress saluted the mob raising her right hand.

"Hi, Moempress !!" the mob replied in unison.

"Welcome to another supermegauberawesome edition of the Weekly Wonder Wheel !!! Which will be the weekly items this time ? I can't wait to know !!" the Moempress said filled with excitement.
The name of the show itself was actually inaccurate: in fact, next to the Moempress there wasn't just a single wheel ready to be rotated, but several ones. All of them were of the same size, except for a bigger one. While the greater wheel has numbers and arrows on it, all of the others had different symbols at the end of each clove.

"Okay, everyone !! Let's spin the Main Wheel to decide in which order we'll spin the other ones !!" The mob cheered again, as the Moempress turned the bigger wheel. The crowd stood silent, as if the fate of the world depended on the outcome. Finally, the result arrived and the Moempress exclaimed "That's it !! We're going to start with the Wheel of Fruit, and then proceed to the next on the right. We'll keep this order until have been turned !!" She explained with excitement, as if it was part of a very important, elaborated protocol.

The Moempress draw near the so-called Wheel of Fruit, and turned it. When it stopped, the mob roared in disappointment:

"Oooooh..." The chosen fruit was cherry.

"Oh, no !! Cherry, the same fruit as the past week !!" the Moempress echoed the mob. "But wait !!" she said suddenly, as if she remembered something crucial. "I was about to forget the no-doubles rule !! When the result of a Wheel it's the same as the previous week, we are entitled to another round !! And that means... another spin !! Yaaayy !!" Her voice could barely contain her excitement.

The mob roared again, this time to applaud the brilliance of a rule which wouldn't allow any boring repetition. What they didn't know, it's that the Moempress pulled this "trick" once a week, every time in a different wheel. She convinced the staff of the show to rig a certain wheel in order to get the excuse to use the no-doubles rule.

The idea of entertaining the world with the her show was an unbelievable joy already, but giving them such entertainment right after a temporary disappointment was priceless - even if that disappointment was orchestrated by herself.

Not even for a second the Moempress would consider to cheat on any other spin, as every time a wheel was turning she craved the thrill and the excitement of the wait more than anyone else.

"The fruit of the week is strawberry... and this time for REAL !!" she shouted as soon as the wheel stopped.

Wheel after wheel, she kept shouting out of happiness at every result, and the mob promptly followed her with cheers of joy.

There was a different, specific wheel for any category of food, and a wheel for any piece of clothing.

At some the point, it was time to spin the Moempress favorite: the Item of Happiness Wheel. Once again, she shouted with her lovely voice "The Item of Happiness of the Week is... the Pink Fluorescent Light Stick !!"

"Yeees !!" The mob replied with another cheerful roar.

"Okay, everyone !! Once you've got your light stick, remember to use it to signal your happiness to those near to you by raising your arm as you hold it in your hand !!" the Moempress said. "Oh, and don't forget to change your hand once in a while, or you're going to have your arm hurt from keeping it up all the time like someone I know..." she added blushing, implying that she was referring to herself the last time that that item was chosen by the wheel.

The mob just chuckled with tenderness.

"Very well, everyone !! Before I say goodbye to you all until next Monday, I have a super awesome announcement for you: tomorrow at this hour, we're going to finally show you all the Super Secret Project !!"

The mob's jubilation, if possible, was high as never before.

"I will be personally attending the ceremony at Hugging Square, and then... hugs for everyone !!!

The crowd exploded in an outburst of joy. "We love you, Moempress !!" some would scream, followed by many others.

When the show was over and the hype subsided, the mob slowly and quietly disbanded. During the course of the day, everyone would go to the nearest general store to buy his own Pink Fluorescent Light Stick. No one would force them to do that: only their will to conform with the others, show their happiness to them and, most importantly, to their beloved Moempress.

Concerning all the other things chosen from the wheels spins, the only difference between them and a "non-weekly" food or piece of clothing would have been a 1% discount. Since money stopped being a problem and poverty disappeared, the change was simply irrelevant in everyone's daily life.

And yet, the people would keep watching the show the next Monday and all the Mondays that would follow. It wasn't the outcome of the spins that they cared for, after all, but the thrill of the spinning themselves. The basic need of every human being to have something to wait for. Something to hope for. Something to live for. The Weekly Wonder Wheel.

Eventually, the time for lunch came, and then arrived dinner again. Just as the day before, there were jokes and laughter in Pink Heart Castle's dining room - and the joy was even higher due to the excitement of what would come the day after. For all that time, Azusa forced herself to smile now and then, but her very aim was to be able to talk to the Moempress alone.

The teenager from the past didn't want to truly help her future counterpart in her crusade for human's free will - not yet. She wanted to just talk with Yui and let her realize that even if her motivation was good, she just went too far. She didn't know exactly how put that into words, but she knew she had to try all her best to convince her to let her loosen her grip of perpetual happiness on the world.

Surprisingly enough, it was actually the Moempress herself to address her first. "What bothers you, Kitty ?" She asked to her "I mean, I saw you smile now and then, but not as much as one is supposed to... but I know how a way to fix that !!" she said
with a smirk.

"Follow me, I want to share a secret with you..." Saying that, she turned to the Moenisters and told them politely to wait for her and Kitty.

Seeing that as an unrepeatable chance, Azusa followed her. "Well, you see Yui, I... uhmmm..." she tried to begin her. "I wanted to talk to you about all the things you're doing to make the people happy..."

"Really !?" she smiled as she kept walking "That's one more reason for me to showing it to you, then !!" she added. "You see, Kitty, you remind me some much of Azu-nyan... the way she looked always so lonely and serious. That's why I want to show it to you before anyone: the Super Secret Project."
What can I say ? If this chapter didn't convince you that there is a bit more to this silly story than what it looks like, I hope that the next ones will make up for it.

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