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Chapter II: Hall of The Cuddles Queen

Moving around the city with the Moester Chef wasn't really the best way for Azusa to go unnoticed, but it was clear to her that refusing the chance the meet the Moempress in person would have been even much more strange for the people of this delirious future.

Ui's mean of transport was a moving kiosk equipped with the basic things she needed to make a crepe or a quick dish for the people in the places she moved. Her role was to dispense happiness through food, and she was truly committed to it.

"So you say you lost your memory, do you ?" Ui asked to Azusa while a young girl was driving the kiosk in the front seat.

"Yes" she replied. "I'm sorry for the trouble..."

"Don't worry about it" Ui replied giving her a warm smile. "There's really nothing you remember ?" She then asked.

"No, I'm sorry. No matter how hard I try, nothing comes back to my mind." Under the pressure, Azusa realized that she was a decent liar, and  she didn't like it every bit even if it was necessary at the moment.

On the other hand, she couldn't just say the truth: that she was actually that very person that Ui was talking about from 7 years in the past. In fact, Azusa herself was still struggling with that notion. Suddenly, she felt to dare to question Ui about her present counterpart.

"Can I ask you a question, miss Ui ?" she said politely

"Miss Ui ?" the Moester Chef was incredulous, then replied with another kind smile of her own. "Call me just Ui, please. And yes, of course. Since you have lost your memory, it is natural that you ask me everything you want."

"Back at the restaurant you mistook me for another person, right ? I'd like you to tell me more about it."

"The person in question is Azu-nyan. She is a great friend of the Moempress, the Moenisters... and mine. The reason why I was so surprised to see you is that you look exactly like her... but younger."

"Oh, really ? That's odd."

"Odd, but beautiful in its own way." Ui replied with a clear streak of emotion in her voice. "The Moempress will be happy to see you... even if you're not her. At least, that's what I hope."

"Happy to see me ? Why ? Did something happen to Azu-nyan ?" she dared to ask, this time unable to hide some concern about her own fate in this crazy time-line.

"She's... gone".

"Gone !? Did she d..."

"No" Ui interrupted her before she could finish that terrible sentence. "She's gone in the literal sense. One day, six years ago, she argued with the Moempress and her friends and disappeared. No one ever heard about her since then."

After a she paused for a second Ui continued: "We did all of our best to find her, but with no avail. Deep in our hearts we know she's still alive somewhere and that she will come back one day. Since you're so similar to her, I'd like you to meet the Moempress and spend some time with her. In the meantime we'll take care of you and help you recover your memories."

In that moment, Ui realized what a terrible wrong she made to her new friend, and apologized to her:

"Oh, my gosh... I'm so sorry, I should have asked your consent before !!" she asked ashamed.

"It's not a problem, but... do I have to lie and pretend I'm this Azu-nyan you're talking about ?" Azusa asked, this time truly preoccupied.

Ui's sorry face then turned into an interdicted one "What ? No, of course not !! Who would lie to my sister !?"

Azusa didn't take even a moment to beg her for even thinking about such a nasty plan, making an impressive amount of bows in just a couple of seconds.

"Okay, you're forgiven now." Ui chuckled kindly, realizing that the girl's intention were good after all, and that she actually sounded quite upset the moment she asked the question.

"You see..." Ui's voice became both tender and serious "the Moempress works night and day to bring happiness to the whole world. This time, I want her to feel that happiness having around someone so similar to our friend. Even if you're not her, I know she'll love to just have you at her side from some time."

"I'll... do my best." Azusa said, preparing herself to have her cheeks consumed by the most important and beloved person of the world.

Eventually, she could see a strange building in the distance: a building with a shape of a giant, pink heart lied there. More than the residence of a powerful overlord, it looked like a weird, cute attraction from a theme park. The guards themselves were wearing pink, heart-shaped costumes and holding pink spears of rubber.

The more they drew near, the more she could feel Ui's excitement and anxiety overcome her own.

"My sister..." she whispered, with her eyes wet of excitement "...I'm going to see my sister again."

Azusa would have many things to worry about, but Ui's state preoccupied her more than everything else: she looked like she was about to explode from a mix of happiness and excitement.

Following Ui, she entered the heart-shaped building. "Welcome to Pink Heart Castle, Moester Chef !! And welcome you too, Moester Chef's young friend !!" The guards greeted them as they passed by.

"Thank you !!" Ui answered immediately followed by Azusa. As soon as they entered the great hall, Ui turned to Azusa. "Wait here, ok ?"

The following minutes, Azusa could hear Ui explain what happened to the guard and then entered a door. Some minutes later, another guard exited from that same door and called Azusa "come, the Moempress and the Moester Chef are waiting you !!".  

Another pink heart-shaped door stood in front of her. She entered the room, and next to Ui she finally saw her. It wasn't an image on a billboard or a sponsor in a commercial this time around: it was really Yui.... Yui the Moempress.

"Hiiiiii !!!" She greeted her with her usual, adorable voice and manner. Then she paused looking at her, as if something was missing and then asked to Ui "Are you sure it's her ?". She sounded a little disappointed, like a child who opened a Christmas present to find out that the gift inside it's not the one he asked for.

"Oh, silly me !!" Ui answered. Out of nowhere, she took a couple of kitty ears and put them over Azusa's head.

Once again, Yui stared at Azusa, but this time she has an expression of awe on her face.

"Woooow !!" She exclaimed. "She really looks like Azu-nyan !!" A second later, she was hugging her, rubbing her cheek against the one of her new friend. "And she feels like Azu-nyan, too !!"

"N-nice to meet you..." Azusa said embarassed as always.

"Me too !!" Yui said chuckling, still hugging her.

Behind her, she noticed Ui doing her best to hold her tears back.

"My sister told me you lost your memory and you don't remember anything, right ?" Yui asked as she finally released Azusa from the hug.

"Yes" she answered.

"Oooh, that's baaad." she said sadly, then her mood suddenly changed back to a cheerful one "Wait !! That means we'll need to give you a name until you remember your own !!"

"Yes, I think so..." Azusa said perplexed, unable to understand what was the fun part about it.

"I love giving names !! Can I give you one !? Pleeease..." she asked.

"Y-yes, of course..."

"Ok, from now, you're going to be "Kitty Kitty", just "Kitty" for your friends !!" She claimed as if it was the coolest, most brilliant idea ever conceived. "Is that okay ?" she asked anxiously.

"Yes" she answered

"Can I... call you just "Kitty" then ?" Yui asked shyly, looking at the ground.

"Yes" Azusa replied confused.

"But this means we're FRIENDS !! YAAAY !!" She said closing her eyes and throwing her hands up in the air. One second later, she was hugging Azusa once again.

"So she's her, isn't it" A familiar voice was heard from the door. It was Mio, and Ritsu and Mugi were both next to her.

"Mugi ! Ritsu ! Mio !" A second later, Yui was running to them for group hug.

Azusa immediately looked at them, and in a second she realized that it was all perfect... too perfect. The three remaining members of Hokago Tea Time were there, but something about them just wasn't right.

Sure, all of them was seven years older than the ones she used to know, but that wasn't the point. The fact was that each and every one of them, in their own way, behaved very similarly to Yui. Too much similarly.

Their facial expressions were slightly different variations of Yui's. All of them had a quite dumb, perpetually happy mood.

Their outfits were incredibly similar to the one Yui was wearing, but even a complete stranger from another time like Azusa could tell that the lack of detail compared to the Moempress's clothes implied a lower, subservient rank.

Five long time friends were in the same room, but there was only one leader.

"I bet we can all call you "Kitty", right ?" Mio said to her, smiling the widest smile Azusa could ever imagine to see on her face. Among all the HTT members, she was notoriously the shyest one, maybe on par with Azusa herself. She was also the most serious and dependable one, traits which this future version lost almost completely.

"Yes, please do." she answered.

Yui went to her pink desk and pushed a button and talked to a speaker "Uhm, can you please come in, Mr. Guard ?" It was her way to summon her servants.

"Yes, Moempress" the same guard as before appeared shortly.

"I'd like you to give my friend Kitty a room to stay, something to eat, and basically everything she needs" she explained to him energetically and kindly as always.

"Yes, Moempress" the guard replied again.

"Now Kitty, you can stay as much as you want !! The more you stay, the better !!" Yui claimed with the sweetest smile. "I'm sorry now, but I've got to stay here with my friends and chit chat about the future of the world and how to make it even happier !!". With that said, she pushed another button, this time on the left wall. A door opened, showing a bigger room with a desk. Five seats were there, each for an HTT memember.

"I guess I've got to go, too..." Ui smiled.

"No, Ui !! You can stay if you want to !!" Yui said quickly. "Hmmm, Mr. Guard ?" she said turning to the guard that was supposed to take care of Azusa.

"Yes, Moempress ?" the guard asked.

"Can you please call another Mr. Guard and tell him to bring another seat for my sister ? Oh, and tea and cakes for everyone, of course !! You can't decide the future of the world with an empty stomach !!" Yui chuckled, and everyone else (including the guard) chuckled with her.

"Yes, Moempress !!" the guard answered, proud and happy to serve.

As she was going out with the guard, Azusa realized that the count of the seats didn't match with the number of people involved in the meeting. Why to bring another one ? She was able to see with her own eyes that five seats were already at the table, but when she realized the reason for that, a profound sadness caught her unexpectedly: one of the five "original" seats was for Azu-nyan, and Azu-nyan only.
If you're still there, I guess you really deserve to pat yourself in the back for having so much patience and curiosity. From the next chapter, things will start to make a little sense... just a little.

Chapter I:…

Chapter III:…

K-on (c) belongs to Kakifly
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Cutebunny50 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
""I'll... do my best." Azusa said, preparing herself to have her cheeks consumed by the most important and beloved person of the world."

Consumed is a really weird way to put it, but you're saying Yui's going to totally shower her with kisses or something? xD 

Crawler3333 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Azusa's cheeks were supposed to be "consumed" (it's an exaggeration) from Yui's constant rubbing with her own cheeks, something which she does (or tries to do) quite often in the regular anime. :)
Cutebunny50 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh, I see.
Sounded more like Yui was going to eat her though. /shot
I was just like, "WDF XD."
But okay. xD I see now. :) 
Crawler3333 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
lol I understand.

I really have nothing against yuri fanfics, I just wanted to go on a different direction. At all extents, this can be really considered a love story, but I kept all of that pretty vague on purpose so it's up to the reader to give his/her own interpretation about the character's personal feelings for each other. 
Cutebunny50 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's friendship all over this. I will not taint it. xD 
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